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Myriad by Mona Hanna [Review] by Crónicas de uma Leitora

Today I bring you a Raquel's review, co-author of the blog Crónicas de uma Leitora. You can read the original post here.
Edição/reimpressão: 2012
Páginas: 102
Editor: Createspace
After the tragic loss of his wife and child, Myriad Markwin began tormenting the Royal family of Prentor. For eighteen years, he'd mercilessly killed people in the castle on the Princess' birthday. But this year, he wasn't settling for servants or guards. He was going to kill the Royal family themselves. A group of warlocks and witches was out to stop him, but a young newcomer to them, Kalin, was proving the most trouble...

Kalin has denied his magic for years, but suddenly finds himself in a battle with one of the most powerful warlocks that has ever lived. He has to face up to things about himself he never knew, to try and save the Royal family from murder. With his new friends helping him, and a new love enchanting him, can he stop the coming bloodshed? Will he survive the fight of his life?
In a world where magic is forbidden, we met Kalin, who tries at all costs to repress his magical abilities and refuges to understand his own life.
In this search Kalin "stumbles" with Myriad, a super powerful warlock who seeks revenge against the royal family, which has been killing.

I really enjoyed this novel. Involves the search of Kalin, who is trying to control his magical powers, and his relationship with Regina. The novel was created and written  being able to drop the more romantic side of anyone.
Maybe the story is a little cliché, but Mona Hanna can turn it into a very enjoyable
and mysterious reading , although sometimes it is predictable what will happen in the course of history. I found myself often linked with Kalin who was 18, and see itself having to face a lot, especially Myriad.
The book was really fast, the whole narrative is basically in a week or two, yet the story is very good and very consistent, did not make me feel that would be hasty, even with only 92 pages.
A written very simple and fluid, with excellent attention to detail and to the action.

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